Specs and how to use


It is used by actors, musicians, crew and vendors.

THE MERCURY PRODUCTION REPORT is your complete source for weekly production information and has been supplying production listings to entertainment professionals since 1994!

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a talented new-comer, THE MERCURY PRODUCTION REPORT is an invaluable resource tool for any industry professional or service company that wants to keep informed of upcoming productions. Why do our subscribers keep using the report, year after year? . . . Because it makes them money!!!


We give you all the secret tips… so you can GET WORK!

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EVERY WEEK our staff researches the entertainment industry’s production data charts. We track projects in development and casting to pre-production and we send all THE PAYING PRODUCTION JOBS to you!

INFORMATION: We list as much information as is available: The project’s WORKING TITLE, up to 5 PRODUCTION COMPANIES and their respective contact information (address, phone, fax, email, websites), plus key ABOVE-THE-LINE positions [Producers, Directors, Cast, Production Contact] and LOCATION, GENRE, LOG LINE, START DATE and STATUS. We also list the CASTING DIRECTORS contact information,  casting status and some roles if available. This is a great tool for ACTORS who want to submit directly to directors and producers.  The MPR is a good way to by pass the casting directors who may already have hundreds of submissions through the breakdowns. (See our actor video on front page)

RANGE OF PRODUCTIONS: Our listings range from BIG BUDGET STUDIO pictures to INDIE productions and both UNION and NON-UNION projects.

“Click-n-Connect” HOT LINKS: Just use your mouse and click to visit the production company’s web site for more jobs or send an email.

BONUS LISTINGS and PILOT REPORT: During pilot season, THE MERCURY PILOT PRODUCTION REPORT gives subscribers a special summary list of all pilots that have been listed in the report, emailed to you every other week. Since we list 90-150 pilots each season, the PILOT REPORT is not just a list of titles like some services give, instead it contains the contact information too.


We recommend mailing and faxing your resume with cover letter. Note at the top of page, for what position you are submitting. Keep resumes to 1 or 2 pages only; no one has time to read anything longer. Remember – keep it short and effective. Send to all projects that you are interested in. If you do not get a call from that project, remember that position might be filled, but they may call you for the next one. This happens quite a bit. Be sure to get our new BOOK…ACTORS GOLD for an in depth look at getting work.

Always watch for updates in the listings. We’ll update a listing if the start date has been pushed back 2-3 weeks or more.  It could mean that they will have to rehire new crew members because they were already booked on the next show. Call again. Always make a note on the Report of who you talked to and when they told you to call back.

Don’t get discouraged when calling a project.
You may get a very unhelpful PA that tells you no jobs are available. A few days later you can call and get a totally different person who maybe more helpful. These days it seems it takes 3-6 companies to make a movie. If you call, and the receptionist has never heard of the title of a project, give the name of the producer on the project. Always try to get in touch with the current production office on the project.

When calling a production company regarding a project. You may want to say you heard about the project from a friend as some companies don’t like being listed by a service, it can prejudice them against you, but a friend’s referral is never criticized. We dig through many sources to find these leads. Sometimes the producers don’t know they have been listed. It’s our job to find jobs for you..that’s what we do.

Keep old reports. Depending on what you do. Older reports can be much more valuable than new ones. Many projects that were listed a couple of months ago are just now hiring. Go back to the notes you made and contact them again.

N/A means that the information was not available to us at the time we compiled the listing. Because some of our listings may be in very early preproduction. Sometimes we can not get all the information to complete a listing. However you can always call the production company and make inquiries.

To successfully use the report please keep in mind the following.
The success you have with the Report depends on how well you work the leads we give you. You can not expect to get a job by just making a few calls. This may sound discouraging but remember, there is very good money to be made in the industry. The money you spent on an issue will seem like a small price to have paid.


Actors can also use the Report to get work! If you really want to get on a project, send a letter and your picture to the Director, Producer and the Casting Director, This works better on lower budget movies who do not hire expensive casting directors. Many times actors have been contacted by a director or producer, we know because we have heard the testimonials. We do list casting director’s contact information, and if they are casting. Many times we even list the roles they are looking for.

Watch the video to see WHY ACTORS USE THE REPORT!

MUSICIANS:  Most directors pick the music, it’s VERY important to them,  musicians should send their CDs or links to directors and producers, if there is a music supervisor,  contact him and see what he is looking for.

Microsoft Word - REASONS TO CHOOSE US.docx


Marketing is always about the more you do,  the more responses you get back. Typically it takes a few months of getting the report and hitting it hard, to see the benefits.. So hang in there…

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