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The Mercury Production Report 

The First News in Entertainment Since 1994…

Get your weekly Film/TV/Web job listings here.

THE M.P.R. IS NOW AVAILABLE IN  ALL LANGUAGES AT OUR NEW WEBSITE!  (If you don’t want it in English PDF, just tell us when you sign up)

Curious about the Mercury Production Report, but not sure you want to spend $52 to find out more? Well here is your chance to check it out for only $7.99 and read a great book too. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!  We are proud to present our newest novel. Available on all formats with Kindle. Just go to AMAZON.COM and buy the book and send us the receipt to themercuryreport@hotmail.com with your email address and we will send you most recent copy of the MPR!

PBOB new cover 2016

Plus if you are a director, producer, writer, agent, star name actor please check out our other new site.

THE STAR EXCHANGE.COM  It’s an exclusive site for industry professionals. Paid Mercury Report Members will be granted access. The site lets Producers and Directors look for funding, actors, and crew. The site is pretty much like a Facebook site for pros..but without all the spam.  Your posts won’t get lost in the stream because we have a SEARCH ENGINE and CATEGORIES…To see more, click image below.   Have more questions? info@thestarexchange.com

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sounds like a good idea for me… I am inexperienced, have no acting school or agent but I am very interested in going into acting!!


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